Personal attention. High quality. Amazing value. Eager to please the customer

Fantastic company and staff. We booked a 7-day budget camping safari in Tanzania and 3 days of individual custom tours. outstanding experience in all regards.

Excellent Value,  Personal, caring, trustworthy, and fast attention from booking, picking you at the airport upon arrival, all the way to taking you to the airport the last day.

The first-day the owner came to the hotel to introduce himself and explain my booking. He even invited me to lunch in a local restaurant! The first night and last night in Hotel Venice in Arusha were excellent.

How Much Does our Trip to Tanzania Cost

Our safari trip price itinerary to Tanzania for 14Day costs around $4350 per person per the whole trip while we are traveling 2 people together. We hope if there are more than 2 people the price will go down or get a discount. Our individual ultimate tailor Tanzania itinerary is well helped from the team of safari companies who listen, advice from start to the end our wishes.

14-day Budget Safari camping was an Incredible Experience.

Our chef’s food was fantastic every day, our driver/guide knew the best time and place to be to see the best of everything  awesome,

He provided an amazing amount of information on plants, animals, and culture. Got great photos of the Big Five and much more. Tents were sturdy and in great condition. The campsites were basic, clean, and in great condition. 3 individual custom days were outstanding: Kilimanjaro Mandara Huts hike; Maasai village visit;  Lake Eyasi Trip.

Every day I had a driver and a knowledgeable local guide that is the Best safari experience in Tanzania. For example, the local Maasai villager took me around the village, explain customs and local knowledge, and took me to the local market.

These Foot Slopes staffs are knowledgeable, motivated, and ready to do what it takes to please their customers. Trust them and enjoy the best safari experience in Tanzania. My family and,  we got more than we expected. Our overall experience was great, and it was unforgettable.

2-week Tanzania safari itinerary, budget and top tips Day by Day

Our common way for a safari in Tanzania is by car. We usually use a 4×4 4WD land cruiser. Although there us different safari options such as walking safari inside the park, balloon safaris, flying safari, and more( Tanzania Luxury or budget safari). Good planning leads to an unforgettable experience for your trip. Our expert helps us from the beginning to the end, from pick up to drop off to the airport was an unbelievable experience.

Day 1 – Arrival in Arusha

After a long journey from Europe to Africa, the last transfer was from Dar Es Salaam to Arusha. On arrival, you chuckle because of the small airport where you land. The tour operator picked us up at the airport and took us to the hotel (which they arranged for us!).
Because we were on the road for about 24 hours and no longer wanted to and could not see airplane food, we asked if they knew where we could eat something, of course, local food. But as sweet as they were, they even went with us!

Day 2 – Tanzania Safari – Lake Manyara

After a comfortable evening at the hotel, we were picked up around 8 in the morning to visit the first park: Lake Manyara. We also got to know the other explorers and our guide. We still didn’t quite know what was in store for us and had to wait about two hours!

After registering at the park we were allowed to start the “real” safari. Fingers crossed that I FINALLY see that elephant. I had dreamed about this for weeks. Sure enough, after driving less than 30 meters through the park, the first elephant was spotted. How cool this trip starts!

After driving around for a few hours and seeing the most exotic animals without a fence, we went for lunch. The view was breathtaking: in the distance, you saw giraffes walking and zebras and buffalo grazing. I still couldn’t believe it.
Finally, the day came to an end and we drove to the first camp. Surprisingly, the tent had real beds and a private bathroom. Such a luxury! I secretly hoped that all our sleeping places would look like this.

Day 3 -6  Serengeti Safari

After a cup of coffee and tea plus a good breakfast, the day started at 7 am. But fair is fair: everything starts a little later here. Hakuna Matata, or no worries. The cook who traveled with us took great care of us and went out of his way to cook with the possibilities that were available. Before we left the car was loaded with the tents, beds, and sleeping bags. The more luxurious tents of the evening were only an intermediate step, now the real camping started!

After we drove through the Ngorongoro Crater, which we also went to see, we drove through valleys and villages of the Masai. Eventually, we stopped at a Masai village. Here we were received with a traditional dance and we got more information about the life of the Masai.
We felt more touristy than I wanted. Because of this I would rather have skipped this and drove around the Serengeti for an hour to spot the animals.

Arrival in the Serengeti National Park

After a drive of about 4 hours, we were finally in the Serengeti. It soon became clear HOW BIG this park is. To compare it: think of the surface area of ​​the Netherlands.
We spot elephants, zebras, wildebeests, buffaloes, and antelopes. Most notably, they all came so close and we’re not surprised to see cars driving through their area. The highlight of the day was seeing a leopard tapping a tree.

Before the sun went down, we drove back to camp to build the tents. Don’t forget – we wanted an adventure! After dinner, it was time to sleep in a tent with the animals next to you. You heard the buffalo and wildebeest chewing next to your tent and the hyenas laugh: how exciting this is! We listened to nature and fell asleep after some doubts, then woke up again due to the torrential rain!

Day 7 – Serengeti & Ngorongoro Crater Safari

The day started early, at 3 am to be exact, because the tent was filled with water and I couldn’t close an eye. Because we had to have breakfast at 6 am, I started packing my backpack further to be ready to go.

The day still started raining, but we were unstoppable. We started the game drive and after a few meters, we saw the first lions. Not only lions but also little ones! We couldn’t believe our eyes, the Simba’s were next to the car. When we had seen enough we drove on and then saw a cheetah, panting across the “street”. This lady had just come from a hunting attempt and needed a rest.

When we returned to the camp, the tents were already finished and we only had to load. We left for the Ngorongoro Crater and enjoyed the view over the valley. While setting up our tents, we are peeped by the buffalo.

Day 8 – Ngorongoro Crater & back to Arusha

The day started early and we went into the crater on a game drive. We saw wild boars, zebras, hippos, giraffes, and a rhino in the distance. We can now say that we have seen the Big Five!

Because it had rained the past few days, the roads were muddy, including in the crater. This meant we had to drive through streams and large pools of water more often. Thank god we didn’t have to drive ourselves, we would have been stuck constantly.

Day 9 – Safari in Tarangire National Park

The game drive in Tangerine Park, the home of elephants and best national park for walking trip. Since we had absolutely no idea how we would return to Arusha, we were happy that our Tour Operator had arranged everything for us. For example, a Dalla Dalla van stopped in front of us, you can compare this with a taxi, but fully loaded!

Day 10 & 11 Safari in Lake Eyasi- Arusha

Today it’s time to interact with the Bushmen, the Hadzabe Tribe, who live in groups hunting with bow and arrows and gathering roots, tubers, and wild fruits much as humankind lived in the Stone Age. They produce the arrowheads for the Hadzabe and brass trinkets, some of which will be for sale by the maker himself. Late afternoon transfer to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 12 Safari in Arusha National Park

Departure from Arusha at 8:00 am with packed lunch with water drive to Arusha National park almost 40 minutes from town.  Start with walking safari late proceed with a game drive, see elephants, monkeys, birds, flamingos, and varieties of species. Thank our driver who has insight eyes to see the wildlife, knowledgeable, funny, and always friendly.

Day 13 Arusha to Mandara hut( Kilimanjaro Day Trip)

We start early at 7:00 am pick up in our hotel for packed breakfast plus lunch boxes accompanied by our driver-guide together with mountain guides.  After a long drive finally, we reach Marangu gate check-in and registration follow. Starting walking and finally, we reach at Mandara hut take photos and little relax start descending to the gate again catch our car back to Arusha.  After Kilimanjaro and transfer to Arusha, we meet with our travel expert and asked us about the experience we have with the company staff. This is nice to sit down with someone who gives you good planning and achieves a memorable lifetime experience. The first impression we see,  they are and ready to eagerly know more about clients’ satisfaction and if they reach the goal they have in the itinerary.

Day 13 Departure ( end of Safari in Tanzania).

After breakfast in the hotel, we get pick up and our driver drove us from Arusha to Kilimanjaro airport. Here we find our tears dropping by leaving Tanzania with good people around us. The travel expert accompanied us in the car during the transfer take a flight back home.

After some time having conservation about a good trip we have, we finally go-to the entry gate ready to boarding flight back home. Thank everyone who makes this trip unforgettable and memorable one.

Let me outline What is compress in the safari and not

Includes in our Trip to Tanzania

  • Park fees (for non-residents)
  • All activities (unless labeled as optional)
  • Meals (as specified in the day by day section)
  • Drinking water (on all days)
  • All accommodation (unless listed as upgrade)
  • Accommodation on the day before the tour departs
  • A day room at the end of the tour
  • Roundtrip airport transfer
  • A professional driver/guide
  • All transportation (unless labeled as optional)
  • All Taxes/VAT
  • The government imposed an increase in taxes and/or park fees


    • International flights (from/to home)
    • Tips (tipping guideline US$20.00 pp per day)
    • Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)
    • Local flights

 What to bring for you budget safari Tanzania

A warm sweater as the nights can be chilly at high altitudes. ( especially at Ngorongoro highland)
Comfortable shoes

Toilet paper, towels, and pillow