Camping Vs Lodge Tanzania Safari
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Camping Safari Vs Lodge Safari which to Choose?

Lodge Safari Tanzania

Are you looking for planning an African Safari? Lodge safari is more expensive than camping safari. If you need more luxury in your safari you can choose Lodge Safari. Quite a number of lodges in Tanzania Parks ie Sopa, Serena, and wildlife lodges. Or on the other hand, you can combine your safari to have a combination of both lodges and camping.

Lodge” safari Tanzania, but asked to stay in a mixture of the lodge and permanent tented camps (giant tents with a big bed and shower/toilet area, plenty of space inside). You can love staying in a mix of accommodation and found both to be very comfortable.

Permanent camps offer the extra advantage of being outdoors, so we heard hyena noises at night (exciting!), but the toilet/shower is much more basic (had to have much shorter showers), and more chance of bugs in your room than in a lodge.

You will find most of the lodges are located in the parks as well as public campsite either in the parks or outside parks.

Camping Safari Tanzania

Camping is more adventurous whereby sometimes you loo in a pit latrine, sleep in a tent/foam mattress, and you will be accompanied by a cook who will be responsible for all that you will be eating each day before and after a game drive.

Well the issue here remains to be on your side pocket, safari depends on your travel budget, how much can you afford for your safari? If you want your safari to be much luxurious then go for the lodge safari.

Provided you pick campsites and lodges in the right places, they can each be very good for the game, both can be flexible in terms of start and finish times, meal times, etc.

If anything, camping can be more flexible. On the other hand, the lodges mean there is somewhere cool, probably with a pool where you can chill out in the hearing of the middle few hours of the day.

It depends on the safari pocket. the budget you can choose which safari will be suitable for you. We offer a safari that covers all Tanzania safari destinations/places which you will never be before. A safari is a journey in Swahili, which means one journey will convey to start another Tanzania journey!

With flexibility as well in Climbing the mountain, both camping’s can be use or luxury tented camp depend on your budget level. A high rating for a Safari on Trip Advisor and other travel forums make as far apart.

The time to explore and adventure is here, join us today as we explore Tanzania’s hidden Gem. Our packages vary from Tanzania budget camping, Mid-range lodges to high-End Luxury Lodges. let’s help you plan it all. Live the Adventure. Talk to one of our experts


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