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Mikumi National Park


Mikumi National Park Mikumi national park is transected by surfaced street between Dar es Salaam and Iringa It is the most available park and the fourth biggest park in Tanzania. With nearly ensured untamed life sightings, it makes a perfect safari goal for those absent much time. The street that crosses the recreation center partitions it into two zones within part particular situations.  Vegetation of this region comprises of savannah spotted with acacia, baobab, tamarinds, and some uncommon palm. Around there, at the uttermost from the street, there are fantastic shake developments of the mountains Rubeho and [...]

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Lake Natron


Lake Natron Lake Natron is a mineral-rich soda lake in northern Tanzania, at the border with Kenya. It's a breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of lesser flamingos. Despite the highly alkaline state of the striking red waters. It sits below Ol Doinyo Lengai, a soaring active volcano in the Rift Valley. Trails lead from the lake to the Engero Sero waterfalls, which flow over craggy rocks into a natural pool. The red accessory photosynthesizing pigment in the cyanobacteria produces the deep reds of the open water of the lake and the orange colors of the shallow [...]

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Lake Eyasi


Lake Eyasi Safari Packages. The seasonal shallow endorheic salt lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley at the base of the Serengeti Plateau. It's just south of the Serengeti National Park.  Immediately southwest of the Ngorongoro Crater in the Crater Highlands of Tanzania. Book 3 Days Short Safaris to Lake Eyasi. Uniquely beautiful Lake Eyasi lies at 1030m between the Eyasi escarpment in the north and the Kidero Mountains in the south. Like Lake Natron far to the northeast.  Eyasi makes a rewarding detour on a Ngorongoro trip for anyone looking for something remote and different. The lake itself [...]

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Katavi National Park


Katavi National Park A Tanzania’s third-biggest national park and, because of its remote area, stays a standout amongst its least visited by travelers. This gives it a really immaculate and pristine feel.  Without a doubt the odds of you running into other irrelevant gatherings are thin. Obviously, Katavi’s emotional landscape is marvelous. Floodplains of thick reeds, forests with backwoods overhangs, seasonal lakes and waterways are home to many types of fowls and other wildlife. Incredibly huge ‘swells’ – or crowds – of hippos can be discovered. This is especially near the watering gaps, alongside impala, bison, topi, [...]

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Selous Game Reserve


Selous Game Reserve One of the world's biggest protectorate regions (43 626 km2). The surface region of Selous is along these lines bigger than Denmark in Europe. Selous Game Reserve was built up in 1922 and it is one of the five World Heritage Areas in Tanzania. Protectorate territory is found the roughly seven-hour drive from Dar Es Salaam. The zone is for the most part in regular state and there is conceivable to see African wildlife practically immaculate. There are a larger number of elep in Selous than anyplace else in East Africa, albeit still around [...]

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Saadani National Park


Saadani National Park It's the focal point of the noteworthy triangle of Bagamoyo, Pangani, and Zanzibar. The park is circumscribed by the Indian Ocean on the eastern side while the Wami River frames the southern limit of the Park. It is the most youthful National Park in Tanzania, with the one of a kind refinement of being the main coastal wildlife haven on the eastern shore of Africa. It very well may become from both Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar Island effectively. Saadani National Park offers one of the remarkable safari situations as it has the absolute [...]

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Mahale Mountains National Park


Mahale Mountains National Park: The remote and heavenly Mahale Mountains National Park is arranged 300 km down the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika.  It's home to the world's biggest known populace of chimpanzees. The point of fact a standout amongst the most excellent national parks in Tanzania Safaris. Mahale Mountains National Park is just open through fly-in safari or private speedboat. The remoteness of this park is the exact reason the chimpanzee populace is still so unaffected by human nature. Most visitors will see the chimpanzees at any rate once in a 3-multi day remain; be that [...]

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Gombe Stream National Park


Gombe Stream National Park One of Tanzania's littlest National Parks with the territory of 52 sq km, situated on shores of Lake Tanganyika and the significant fascination is Chimpanzees. Gombe Stream is a thin segment of antiquated woodland straddling the precarious inclines and waterway valleys that in the sandy northern shore of Lake Tanganyika, around 16 kilometers from Kigoma town. Apart from Chimpanzee, Gombe stream National Park has different primates like olive monkeys, these have additionally been looked into since the 1960s and are particularly habituated to people. You may likewise detect the red-followed and red colobus [...]

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Ruaha National Park


Ruaha National Park The park is Flanking the Tsavo West National Park of Kenya.  Mkomazi National Park is set beneath the slants of the antiquated Eastern Arc Mountain scopes of Usambara and Pare. As of late gained the status of a completely gazetted National Park Mkomazi covers a zone of 3245 square kilometers. Also is arranged around 112 kilometers from the Foot slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro town of Moshi. The park's name Mkomazi is a Pare clan word for a scoop of water. The parks are currently essential wildlife are in spite of their little size.  On [...]

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Arusha National Park


Things to do in Arusha | Tanzania Tours & Day Trip from Arusha Arusha National Park is a moderately little park. It’s covering a territory of 137 square kilometers (52.9 square miles).  The park lies close to the town of Arusha. The town and the Park get their name from the Warusha individuals who customarily lived around there. Anyway, the Park additionally covers into regions where the Maasai lived and the greater part of the place names in the Park are of Masai beginning. There are three noteworthy attractions in the park. First is [...]

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