Climb Mt Kilimanjaro Tours for free

Is it possible to Climb Mt Kilimanjaro Tours for free? Yes, it’s possible to climb Kilimanjaro for free without incurring any cost when you arrive here for your expeditions.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa is the tallest within the nation and the world’s most noteworthy free-standing top. Presented with an assorted run of vegetation and fauna and the base, as one climbs to the summit of this mountain, they will get to witness a different of what they get within the base.

Rising up to a height of 5,895m, the summit is decorated with screes and stays secured with snow amid the winters. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro Tours. On a Mount Kilimanjaro climbing undertaking, in spite of the fact that it might not seem so, but be mindful as you may be offered with a run of challenges; moo oxygen level and rough passes are two of the foremost exceptional impediments!

Exclude for free Kilimanjaro hiking tours

  • Tips for guides, porters, and cook
  • Personal items and toiletries
  • Lunches, dinners, and drinks at your hotel before and after the climb.
  • International flights (from/to home) and local flights
  • Tips (tipping guideline US$20.00 pp per day guides, Porter 15per person per day)
  • Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)

What can I do so I can climb Kilimanjaro for free?

Things you can do so you will have a free Kilimanjaro trekking is to organized a group of like-minded people/ trekkers, students, businesses people, travelers, and everyone who will like to trek from 10+ people who will help you to pay for your free Kilimanjaro trekking & Hiking.

What is the best month to climb Kilimanjaro? The best month to Kilimanjaro is during the dry season. Avoid the month of April and May due to heavy rainfall.

How much does Kilimanjaro cost to climb

Kilimanjaro trekking and hiking costs differ according to the routes you choose and duration. See the costs analysis below so when you have a group you can quote them directly so you will have free Kilimanjaro hiking.

Machame Route

  • 6 Days Machame Route  Kilimanjaro Trekking $1950 per person per trekking
  • 7 Days Machame Route  Kilimanjaro Trekking $2190 per person per trekking

Lemosho Route

  • 6-7 Days Lemosho Route  $2450 per person per trekking
  • 8 Days Lemosho Route Hiking Kilimanjaro $2690 per person per trekking

Marangu Route

  • 5 Days Marangu Route  $ 1895 per person per trekking
  • 6 Days Marangu Route Hiking Kilimanjaro $ 1995 per person per trekking

Rongai Route

  • 6 Days Rongai Route $1950 per person per trekking
  • 7 Days Rongai Route Hiking Kilimanjaro $ 2250 per person per trekking

Umbwe Route

  • 7 Days Umbwe Route Hiking Kilimanjaro $ 2290 per person per trekking

Shira Route

  • 6 Days Shira Route Kilimanjaro Trekking Tours $1950 per person per trekking

Can an average person climb Kilimanjaro?

Climbing Kilimanjaro for Free: For sure anyone can climb Kilimanjaro what requires is physical fitness. The first time or beginners can climb Kilimanjaro without any worry. What do you need to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is physical fitness, training, and a travel document.

Can you climb Mount Kilimanjaro without a guide?

According to policy, rules, and guidelines, set by Tanzania National Park( TANAPA), it’s not allowed to trek Kilimanjaro without supervision from tour operators who have well-trained mountain guides, porters, and cooks/chefs.

Kilimanjaro Gear List, Climb Mt Kilimanjaro Tours

  • Bottom Base Layer
  • 4-5 Pairs of Underwear
  • 3-4 Short Sleeve
  • 1 Insulated Trekking Pants
  • 1-2 Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts
  • 1-2 Pairs of Hiking Trousers
  •  Insulated Winter Jacket
  •  Polartec Fleece Jacket
  • Hard Shell Jacket

Kilimanjaro trekking Map

Kilimanjaro trekking MapObserve the map above of Kilimanjaro trekking routes with its starting and ending point. Read our top reviews.

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