Giving Back to the Community

Foot Slopes Foundation endeavors to improve the quality of life for the children in need. Through multiple services and projects, focusing particularly on children in extreme poverty, we are striving to reduce the illness, child mortality, provide educational opportunities and support community development.

We believe that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more; there is no higher religion that human service. To work for the common poor people is the greatest creed.

Giving Back to the CommunityHelpful Ways For Giving Back to the Community

As our constant endeavor to give back to the society, we are constantly looking for the likeminded people who are conscious of fulfilling their social responsibilities. We would like you to get involved in this noble cause.

Mission | Giving Back to the Community

Our mission is to make the education available and providing a normal life for the kids in extreme poverty.


Our vision is to provide a normal life and educational opportunities to the kids strived in extreme poverty. We shall strive to enrich the human lives.

What We Do

  • We basically striving for the education to the kids in extreme poverty, what we do in that is as follows:
  •  Sponsor the education of  orphans and poor kids from primary school, Secondary School to high level
  •  Sponsor the school which provides education to the poor kids
  • We contribute to some of the schools providing free education to the poor kids
  • Children Health Insurance | Giving Back to the Community – Ensuring health insurance for all children for better healthy. Through paying the children health insurance.
  • Suistainable Tourism through trees contributions, capacity building on environmental protection and conservation to mitigate global warming.

Sport and Game | Giving Back to the Community

King in supporting the local team in different competitions and friendly matches aims to  bring community together. maintaing love, peace, unity, and building better fitness –  Get involved Giving Back.

  • Ball contributions
  • jersey and more


Again thank you for your consideration. Long years of campaigning result in achievements and victories. It’s your contribution that keeps us going, winning campaigns and achieving our goals. You can help strengthen our campaigns by making a contribution today.

Your Small Contribution Can Save A Life… Few Dollars can make one’s Life

Support local primary schools in ICT

Recently everything require using technology. Mostly important is moving to information communication technology and get know what’s goes on in the global now days. Moving from local to modern technology.

We are working with local primary school supporting them computers + installation, printers and more.

We recently contribute to our community school 5 + computers, printers + electric power installations.

Donate more to other neighboring schools.

Our support is directed towards healthcare to the orphans and disabled children, education by pay school fees, buy books, uniforms and all school equipment’s together with foods.

Support our local communities by Travel with us!