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 Serengeti Safari Tour Packages

Serengeti National Park without doubt regards the best for Tanzania wildlife viewing voted several times by travel goer. Also Serengeti National as the best of seven wonders of the world and landless plain with a high concentration of wildlife! ( scenic wildlife viewing, balloon safari, wildebeest migration, and bush dinner.

For Tanzania Serengeti Safari Tours, your first entry for your holidays will be Serengeti National Park. Ostensibly the most Serengeti Safaris acclaimed destination for a safari in Africa.

In the Serengeti National Park the meadows are meandered by a great many wildebeest, zebra, and others.  Also Serengeti National Park is one of the premier safari destinations in the world, the Best Time to Visit Serengeti for Tanzania Safari.

The overall best time for wildlife viewing is during the dry season from late June up to October. However, the timing of the migration varies every year, with the best chance of witnessing wildebeest river crossing is during June and July while from late January to February is the best time to watch the wildebeest calving.

There are likewise different fascinating archaeological locales to find with regards to northern Tanzania, such as Olduvai Gorge where primate fossils have been found. See our reviews and photo.