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More than 30 million tourists visit Africa every year. Over half of the international arrivals are for family safari holidays and vacation!
Africa’s unique wildlife and the landscapes it inhabits make for a magical family vacation safari experience. But making the most of this dream journey into the African wilds requires careful planning.
Family Safari Budget level
When considering about get family on vacation you have to think about average family safari  price costs your going to spend that covered the following  iterms i) Flights international & both local & flights, ii)accommodations iii) insurance
Typical Tanzania family safari costs around $3500-$4500 per person per 7days covering Destinations like Serengeti National park, Tarangire National park, & Lake Manyara this is mid range safari excluding Flights international & both local & flights, insurance, All items of a personal nature.
Number of Day Spend on Safari with family
It’s depend on family decision on how many days they will like to spend on there holidays and at which safari park & destination! Most Tanzania  safari are custom individual tailor made private family vacation from 1-5weeks.
Seasonal to take family on Vacation
The best season to go on Tanzania vacation  in Africa, the bestmonths  an African  family safari are June-August, September, October, March or April, when temperatures aren’t so scorching-hot. Tanzania is best safari destination for family and it’s valuable all through yearly.
National parks to Visit
All in all in choosing the safari park to visit are important things and days to spend in that National for spotting Wildlife, Nature and scenery!
i) Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park Without a doubt, is best safari destination for family holidays in Tanzania, Serengeti National Park is one of the most famous national parks of Africa.

Its large concentrations of wildlife with one of the highest predators’ numbers. You can easily witness all the game animals at Serengeti including the elusive black rhino, kongoni, giraffe, elephant, eland, topi, buffalo.

The most obvious attraction of the Serengeti is the Great Migration phenomenon in which around two million wildebeest along with zebras, elands migrate the endless plains of Serengeti to the Maasai Mara in Kenya in search of grazing land every year. Apart from its diverse wildlife Serengeti has a varied bird life with over 500 bird species documented at the park.

Best time to visit

Serengeti National Park is open for visitors all year round, however particular areas are best at particular times. The overall best time for wildlife viewing is during the dry season i.e., from late June up to September with the wildebeest migration as its ultimate highlight. However, timing of the migration varies every year, with the best chance of witnessing wildebeest river crossing is during June and July while from late January to February is the best time to watch the wildebeest calving.

What to see?

Without a doubt the wildlife viewing is the main attraction of Serengeti National Park. Apart, from its varied wildlife, you can witness the mesmerising landscape of the park.

You can easily spot the Big Five of Africa along with millions of wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, crocodile and other varied species of animals can be spotted at Serengeti.

You can also visit the Oldupai Gorge and the Kopjes of during your game drives and discover them.

How to get there?

Serengeti National Park is accessible by both roadways and airways.

Roadways: It is about 8 hours drive time from Arusha Town. You can reach Serengeti from Arusha either by taking private taxis or shuttle buses.

Airways: Serengeti is well connected by domestic flights from Kilimanjaro International Airport and Julius Nyerere International Airport. Direct charter flights from Kilimanjaro or Julius Nyerere International Airport are also available to the park’s airstrip. Arusha Airport/ARK


At Serengeti National Park you can do an array of activities such as:

  • Game drives
  • Walking Safari
  • Hot- Air Balloon Safari
  • Bird watching
  • Picnicking
  • Bush dinners

ii) Tarangire National Park

Tarangire National Park is among the most assorted parks in Tanzania. It is a little diamond on the Northern Safari Circuit. The Park is 2850 sq. km in size and is found 118 km southwest of Arusha. It gets its name from the Tarangire River, which gives the main changeless water to wildlife in the region.

Groups of up to 300 elephants can regularly be seen, as they delve for water in the dry riverbeds, searching for underground streams, while transitory wildebeest, zebra, bison, impala, gazelle, hartebeest and eland swarm the fields.

Tarangire is outstanding for it’s antiquated baobab trees and the living space is totally not quite the same as different parks. Amid the dry season from June to October, a large number of animals relocate to Tarangire National Park from Lake Manyara National Park, and it winds up home to in excess of 550 species. While amid the green season the park changes into a prospering rich garden. The park has magnificent encounters to offer consistently. Transient fowls are available from November to April. A haven for bird enthusiasts, the park swamps have one of the biggest determinations of reproducing flying creatures anyplace on the planet.

Best time to visit

Tarangire National Park is open for the guest throughout the year. The best time to visit Tarangire is amid the dry season, from late June to October. You can without much of a stretch recognize the wildlife thinking around the Tarangire River for water amid this period. If it is possible then avoid the months of March and Aprilas it is the peak of the wet season.

What to see?

Tarangire is celebrated or its tree-climbing lions, pythons and mammoth crowds’ elephant, it has the biggest number of elephant in Tanzania. You can likewise detect, the typical catchment of predators, wildebeest, zebra, giraffes, impalas, gazelle, oryx and gerenuk.

Tarangire brags of more than 550 types of winged animal including lovebirds, weavers, ostrich, hornbills and scavangers.

Additionally, the perplexing enormous Baobab trees spread over the parks are one of the principle attractions.

How to get there?

Roadways: The closest town Arusha, which is the beginning for most the Northern circuit destinations, is around 2-3 hours drive to Tarangire. You can likewise take a bus transport from Arusha to Tarangire National Park.

Airways: The closest airplane terminal is the Kilimanjaro International Airport. You can likewise take sanction flights from Arusha air terminal or Kilimanjaro International Airport to the Tarangire airstrip.


You can do an array of activities at Tarangire National Park such as

Accommodation During Safari

You have to make a decision on which level of accommodation your going to take during your holidays to Tanzania

As Tanzania safari  we offers different level of safari accommodation from budget safari accommodation, Mid range/comfort safari to Luxury plus 5 star lodges and hotels. Get a look on our 8days Tanzania safari

What to Bring on Safari

As tour operator the things you are supposed to take during your family vacation to Tanzania to avoid carrying a lots of staffs which are not needs on your African family safari holidays & Vacation!

What to bring

Get Support Local community Project or an Company by giving back to local

We know that everyone coming on African family holidays for leisure and having lifetime vacation experience but no one want to see African society living in horrible life! You have a lots to give back to our community! A little small things make a large impact to our future generation.

We are working with school, local community who surrounding us and we share with them the small things we get in our safari operator profits we get.

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