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Great Migration Safari Top three itineraries Tanzania Travel: Tanzania offers huge savannas scattered by acacias and baobab tree, mountains and volcanoes sprouting from the entrails of the Earth, great lakes (lake Tanganyika, Lake Victoria), wild and free animals (some still threatened, such as rhinos and elephants), herds by the thousands (by the millions in the case of wildebeest).

Like a trip into space, a safari in Tanzania is an extraordinary flight in time, an unforgettable venture into the wildlife safaris in the world.

The great migration safari in Tanzania is not cheap holidays since clients must have to buy flights, insurance, paying for a Tanzania safaris accommodations, park entries, and other personal items!

The parks are abundant fill with wild, birds and flora & fauna in Tanzania with more extensive and give an impress of countless stars: the wildlife is native around, breed and repeat as in a territory everyplace the tourist is only a host of the route.

And what about Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa?

This massive group crosses the Mara River between mid-July, August, and November, and it is at this time that some of the most brilliant photos and videos can be captured. When the herds try to cross the swollen rivers, predators and Nile crocodiles catch the lazybones.

Once the crossings are complete, the herd settles in the Masai Mara in Kenya. After remaining in the more fertile Mara for the duration of the dry season, the migration heads south again in preparation for another calving season in another Year.

Tanzania’s great migration in Serengeti National park considered one of the greatest iconic animal magic grosses at Mara River with the center of wild. This is one of the most incredible safari adventures one should experience in a lifetime. Wildebeest typically inhabit the Serengeti plains of southeastern Africa. For most of their lives, wildebeest graze in the grassy savannas and open woodlands of the plains, which are on both sides of the nations of Tanzania and Kenya. More than 1.5 million wildebeest migrate in a massive circle every year.

The short rains begin around early November until March it is at this time of year that the wildebeest calving season begins. These are south and east of Seronera, around Ndutu, and include the north of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The predators such as lions, cheetah, and leopards are watching very closely to grab the weak and lost ones.

Great Wildebeest Migration an amazing way to track or follow the movement of vast numbers of the wildebeest, accompanied by large numbers of zebra, and Grant’s gazelle, Thompson’s gazelle, eland, & Impala. Get nearer to this iconic land & be a part of the world’s largest overland Wildebeest Migration.

Great Migration Safaris: All our Tanzania great migration safari tours are designed to outfit your budget and sense of taste for a voyage.

The great Serengeti Great Migration Safaris is the movement of vast numbers of the Serengeti’s wildebeest, accompanied by large numbers of zebra, and smaller numbers of Grant’s gazelle, Thompson’s gazelle, eland, and impala.

These move in an annual pattern that is fairly predictable. Also, known as World cup Migration.

The herds of the wildebeest migration arrive on the short-grass plains of the Serengeti National park. These are south and east of Seronera, around Ndutu, and include the north of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Dispersed across these plains, wildebeest, and zebra are everywhere – feeding on the fresh, nutritious grasses.

They stay here through January, February, and March, with most wildebeest calves born in a short window around February. Gradually they spread west across these plains, then around April, they start their great migration north.

The wildebeest migration continues moving northwards during July and August, often spreading out across a broad front: some heading through Grumeti Reserve and Ikorongo, others north through the heart of the Serengeti National Park.

Northern Serengeti River crossing

September sees the herds spread out across the northern Serengeti, where the Mara River provides the migration with its most serious obstacle.

The yearly voyage of Great Wildebeest Migration spreading crosswise over Tanzania is a champion among the most epic untamed life events on the planet. Around a huge number of wildebeest and zebras move in a circuitous undertaking from the Serengeti Plains in Tanzania to the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya to hunt new grassland and after that back to the Serengeti reliably.

The visuals of the groups moving over the crocodile-pervaded streams are a sight not to be missed, with predators and crocs holding up upon a chance to eat up the gathering, while the wildebeest and zebras rushing to save their lives is a spine-chilling background. The Great Wildebeest Migration can be seen for around nine months and in the Mara district for a quarter of a year, which makes Tanzania the best objective to watch the wildebeest Migration Safaris.

With its Great Wildebeest Migration tours gives its customer’s a standout amongst the best Tanzania wildebeest Migration Safaris experience and enable them to observe this epic wildlife marvel.

Travel Period: Third week of July to the fourth week of October.

Witnessing the greatest natural show on earth on your bucket list? Serengeti in Tanzania is the best safari destinations to visit, so is it possible to do on a budget for individually tailor-made safari We look at the different variables that determine the cost of a Great Migration safari to give you an understanding of what you’re looking for.

In October the wildebeest herds are migrating again with more accord: all are heading south, the Serengeti National Park’s Lobo area, returning to the green shoots which follow the rains on the short-grass plains of the southern Serengeti in November.

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What do you expect:


i: You can choose the level of your tour and safari accommodation according to your needs and preference.

a) Budget camping- Where you will sleep at a public campsite at the Lobo area laying on the ground with sleeping bags, mattresses inside the tents.

b)Mid-range tented lodge/ luxury lodge- Sleep in comfortable safari lodge with the ensuite full-service room while you’re closed with nature and wildlife while going to see the wild crossing the Mara River.

Number of days suitable for this safari

-You can design your tour online according to your needs and preference with us. According to the experience we have you can take a minimum number of 4 day 3nights Serengeti great migration with the tour to the rim of broken caldera one of the world’s seven wonders Ngorongoro conservation areas.

As when we can’t find the safari itinerary we published on our website just contact as to send and tailor-made safari itinerary according to your wishes. All our safari are individual tailor-made private.

Tanzania Safari Average cost. Based on my read search, the recommended average cost per person per day starting from US$350.

Traveling to, from, and within Tanzania has never been easier – and cheaper – and there is a range of services that you can choose from. For instance, taking a bus from Dar es Salaam to Arusha example you’re using Kilimanjaro Express/ Marangu express or any recommended bus from us you can use low-cost fares, instead of the airline. The ride takes you 8-10hrs – and you get to see the country close up which will enrich your experiences.


Arrival by airplane

Please book your flight to arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). Transfer from and to the airport is included. Also, we will pick you up from the airport.

You can also fly to Mwalimu Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) and connect the flights to Kilimanjaro airport or Arusha airport. You can also take a bus from Dar es Salaam to Arusha.

If you fly from Zanzibar’s Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ), then you need to take a small connecting flight to Kilimanjaro airport or Arusha airport.

4-11days Tailor Made Migration safari