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10 Reasons To Go On A Tanzania Safari Honeymoon: Not many experiences can be at the same time wild and romantic. Safari honeymoon trip may be one of the most exciting and unique trips that newly wed can have!

Here are 10 reasons why you should think about going on a safari for honeymoon:

  1. If you plan to have kids soon after the marriage, you’ll need to pause adventures for some time. This may be a unique opportunity to spend some time in the wild, sparkle the spirit of explorer and enjoy without having to think about anyone else.
  2. Charge your batteries in the nature. All those wedding preparations can be pretty exhausting and there’s no better place to chill, relax and recharge than in the middle of African savannah.
      1. The most romantic sunset. Did you know that the sunset in the Serengeti National park is voted for top 10 romantic sunsets that a couple can have! Driving in the jeep, while seeing the wildlife disappear in the damn and sun starting falling dawn will be moments that you’ll remember for a lifetime!
  3. Dinner with the view on the African buffalo, elephants and zebras. Would you think about the more creative place to end the day and enjoy the meal with your loved one.
  4. Personal chef that prepares the meals that you love. Imagine having someone cooking just for you the food that you and your spouse enjoy eating the most. You can preorder what you want to be prepared and than just let your senses to be filled with all aromas.
  5. Luxury accommodation in the middle of national park. Breath taking lodges that are at the same time perfectly incorporated into the nature are the best for couples that want to spend time with each other. Spending the night while watching the stars, staying at the tree house or
  6. Memorable and unique experience for the first trip. Every safari trip is different as the wildlife constantly moves and changes. If you want to have something outstanding for your honeymoon trip – the safari will for certainly be!
  7. More you two, less other people. This is the place where you can be private, and also have fun and enjoy the adventure along the way.
  8. Tailor made tour that fits your preferences and needs. You can customize number of days, parks and the luxury lodges that you’d like to have. We arrange everything based on your wishes. Just need to say YES! Once more.
  9. It will be adventure of a lifetime and perfect start of your ‘until the end of time’. Going to sleep after a day full of new experiences, while sharing memories will be a

Still not sure? We’re here to chat and find the perfect safari that you’ll enjoy!