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5 Truths and Misconceptions That People Have About Tanzania Safaris

Our guest blogger, Dijana is sharing with you 5 truths and misconceptions she had before coming to safari in Tanzania.

Truth: Hat is a nice to have fashion detail and looks nice on pictures during your Tanzania safari, but it’s usually totally unpractical. During the game drive, it becomes windy so you have to take care so it doesn’t fly out. The jeep has the roof so you’re head isn’t actually under the sun.

Tanzania is the country with the highest density of lions, so there is a high probability that you’ll see a lion from up-close in Serengeti and Ngorongoro National Park. During our last game drive, we’ve seen 7 of them eating next to the road, two lions mating between the jeeps and one of them peeing on our jeep. So, you never know!

Truth is that vegetation, scenery, animals and the whole experience of each national park is unique. You can choose according to your preferences what you’d like to see – savannah or the lake, more lions or more hippos, but our suggestion is to see them all.

In Tarangire, you should go for baobab trees, vervet monkeys and giraffes.

In Serengeti, you should go for lions, leopards, endless plain and the African savannah.

In Ngorongoro Crater, you should go for the wonder of nature and amazing wildlife living in the volcano crater.

In Lake Manyara, you should go to see all animals together drinking the water, buffalo swimming in the swamp and more than 500 bird species living in this national park.

Truth is that on the Tanzania safari, the food is amazing. You’ll have a personal chef, a variety of dishes and all of them are really tasty. Usually, for every meal, you can choose between few options – vegetables, noodles, rice, chicken, fish. Everything is delicious! I’ve been eating healthier than I eat at home – 3 meals with fresh food every day.

Truth is that you’re not allowed to go out of the jeep anywhere for your Tanzania safari except on the places where you have picnic or campsites where you sleep. And you will be sleeping in the middle of a national park where elephants, hyenas and baboons walk next to you.

Hope that this helps you prepare better and have the best time possible on your Tanzania safari.

What did you thought safari is, and then you’ve seen it totally different?

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