The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Budget Safari in Tanzania
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The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Budget Safari in Tanzania

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Planning a Budget Safari in Tanzania for your budget can be one of the best safaris which will not break your bank account. Traveling on a budget can help save and travel to more than one destination.

We have been organizing a budget safari in Tanzania for our travelers for more than a decade.  Depending on the budget and the number of people going on safari we offer an authentic life experience.

  • Find our best Tips for Planning a Budget Safari in Tanzania for your family or small group in Tanzania.

Choose to go with Group or Private Budget Safari

Among the best tip for traveling to Tanzania on a budget, safari is to choose to go with a group safari, sharing a budget with other like-minded tourists. Join a group safari for fixed or flexible departure can help to save a lot in terms of budget, and you will have the same experience as those going on luxury or mid-range lodges safaris. The backward of group safari is lack of common communication, decisions, flexibility since everyone has their own expectations during the safari.

Private Budget Safari is the best way to enjoy Tanzania wildlife up close with nature save a big amount.

Explore Tanzania on 4x4WD open roof land cruiser or landrover, have much more flexible time during the holiday.

Planning a private safari can be easier as you know exactly who you will go with on safari. Common decisions and flexibility.

On how much does that Safari costs overall? Depending on the safari you choose we can give the general information about safari cost.

  • For a budget safari Tanzania price range from $195-350 per person per day depending on the people in the tours.
  • A budget lodge 2-3stars costs $490 per person per day based on 2 people traveling together.
  • But 4star lodge hotel costs you around  $690 per person per night based on 2people traveling together and more. While a 5stars costs you something from $990 per person per night based on 2 people traveling together and more.

Decided When to Travel

It depends on you when your planning to travel to Tanzania for your safari holidays! Early booking of flights ticket can make it much easier and the budget goes down rather than waiting to book at the last minute, which leads to high price costs. In this way, you can save like 15-20% off flight bookings which is cheaper and affordable for the budget traveler.

Booking everything in advance can help you to relax and have more time to prepare for an upcoming Trip.

Traveling and planning a safari to Tanzania during high or low season cant make your trip cheaper because entry fees, fuels, VAT, and all payments plus other costs will not go down.

Write to our expert on a number of days interesting to take tours and safari, and the number of people on the trip.

What we expect from you when sending us an inquiry?, i) a number of days your taking tours, ii) Level of safari accommodations, iii) Travel Style- Private safari, Tanzania Budget small group safari, honeymoon safari or family safari Tanzania, iv) Flights pieces of information and travel details.

After confirmation for both sides, we will send you ready-made or tailor-made itinerary depending on your interest, as well as a booking confirmation voucher!

Choose a Number of Safari Day

Africa and Tanzania safari budget depend on how many days you plan to stay in a certain Safari Park destination and which one you choose for your memorable adventure trip. The length of days you plan a trip must direct resemble propositional with the budget you plan to spend on your holiday and not beyond! The Tanzania costs of budget Safaris differ example 1days trip cost must differ with 4-5day Trip. We had already given you a highlight of the safari cost above but you can ask for more information about travel to Tanzania.

We have more than 300+ ready make itineraries, but we can not limit you to create your owned safari programs since we are flexible Tanzania Tour operator listen to our customer wishes and interest.

With a unique adventure we offer, we have an online review written by our satisfied customer

Traveling to Tanzania can be an ultimate lifetime adventure you will never disappointing, having stunning wildlife, nature, scenery,  unique and unspoiled culture, and abundant national parks.

Tanzania Budget Safari | Where to Go

Tanzania has almost 17 National Parks each park provides a unique game view, scenery, and outstanding concentration of wildlife.

Northern Circuit Safari: Top Tanzania Safari covering Arusha National Park, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Kilimanjaro National Park, Lake Eyasi, Lake Natron, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Southern circuit Safari Tanzania: Ruaha National Park, Selous Game Reserve, Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Mikumi National Park, Kitulo National Park.

Western Circuit Safari: Rubondo Island National Park,  Gombe Stream National Park,  Mahale Mountains National Park,  Katavi National Park.

Eastern Circuit Safari: Mkomazi National Park Saadani National Park Kitulo National Park

Accommodation in Tanzania | Where to Stay

Choosing where to stay during your trip will be the first step toward Tanzanian safaris. Choose between budget to luxury accommodation in Tanzania for Safari.

A budget camping safari accommodation is where you will stay in a public campsite without a fence. You will have a tent with a sleeping bag and a Mattress laid on the tent floor. Basic washroom facilities are available in the public campsites and are shared by everyone at the campsite.

Mid Range accommodation is when you will stay in a comfortable tented camp or lodge with 2-4 stars. A well-vanished room, private toilet, bed, and hot shower!

Luxury accommodation- stay in high-end 5star lodges or hotels with the best extravagance western facilities( private room, hot shower, private toilet.

What will be your next adventure destination? Contact us today for your Tanzania Safari.

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