7 Things to do in Tanzania other than Safaris.

Tanzania has a lot to offer other than wildlife safari, Tanzania safari packages. You can experience a world-class nonsafari holiday when coming to Tanzania for trips. City Tours, Visit local people, local market,  Unwind on a private island off Tanzania, Materuni waterfall and chemka Hotspring, Bushwalk, and Canoe in Lake Duluti are one of the unique things to do out of the safari.

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is the highest free-standing volcanic mountain in the world. With the different routes to conquer and reach the Gilman point offers scenic trekking & hiking. Machame Route, Rongai Route, Umbwe route, Lemosho Route, Marangu Route. The best time to climb mount Kilimanjaro is during the dry season between late June to October when the weather is cool. Average costs and price of trekking mount Kilimanjaro range from $1750 – 6700 per person per hiking.

City Tours

When you want to experience Tanzania in and out go to visit the city and discover different activities and history. Arusha city tours are one of the top activities you must put on your backlist. See clock tower and National torch tower and get the history from them and what they represent.  Visit Masai market fill with different items that you must love it. Get information on each of the artifacts and more.

 Visit local people

Masai, hadzabe, and Datoga are only local and nomadic societies that remain unspoiled in the world. Discover the local people, what they do, the way of life, and how to get cured of the disease. Explore Masai people in Monduli Juu and what they do, how they work, and the way their living. Also, visit Hadzabe and Datoga people in Lake Eyasi the hunting and nomadic society.

Go local market

Get around the local market interact with sellers and bargaining the price. Visit the Central Market in Arusha and see the varieties of goods and services which are in the market. Go Shanga shanga and Tanzanite experience.

 Romantic Stay on the beach

Unwind on a private island off Tanzania. Stay on various beaches and experience the authentic romantic unwind soak at the white sand of the coastal of Zanzibar. The breach taking and relaxation at various beaches and islands are some of the activities you must do out of the safari. The trip range from 1 Day to 4- 5 weeks. Enquire with us and let us customized your trip.

Visit waterfall and Hotspring

Materuni waterfall and chemka hotspring, are some of non-Tanzania safari trips and packages you must experience. The adventure you must put in your backlist for your breathtaking vacation. We offer a Day trip to this destination and the price range and level differ according to the number of people, transport cost and types, entry fees, and additional activities.

Bushwalk and Canoe in Lake Duluti

Go around the bust and get up close with nature and it beauty. Travel and work in a forest and heard the different voices of birds and other species. Explore the canoeing trip at Lake Duluti with an exceptional riding team. Know more about the lake and it history. Our Tanzania top Safari Reviews online.

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