Best Serengeti Safari Lodge 2020/2021

Top 10 safari lodges in Tanzania: Serengeti National park is an iconic and best safari national park in Tanzania Africa.  The park is very well known as the home of wildebeest migration and safaris in the Northern part of the Mara River between Tanzania and Kenya!

Most safari-goer when thinking about a safari in Tanzania must take Serengeti National park.  On their backlist for your Tanzania Best Holiday Packages.  Best Affordable African Safari Tours‎, /Arusha national park safari tours experience the best of African safaris. Join African safari tour and adventures planet where nature reigns supreme.

Tanzania safari tourists keep on priorities about where to sleep during the safari. There are top safari lodges in Serengeti you must consider when going on safari with your family, partners, or your safari group to Tanzania.

The following is 10 Top Tanzania Serengeti Park safari lodge for 2019/2020 for your best Tanzania safari Tours.

Kati Kati Tented  lodge

The Katikati tented lodge is a mobile camp strategically situated in central Serengeti, ideal for exploring the extensive Serengeti accommodation Tanzania. The camp offers comfortable accommodation together with the unique opportunity to enjoy a real safari experience on a camp. In its comfortable tents, one will feel completely immersed in the surroundings and one can enjoy the rich animal life and vegetation of the area.

An original form of accommodation that resembles the old camps of the first explorers in Africa. Unique Central Serengeti Lodges & Camps in Northern Tanzania with all the commodities of today. Spacious tent with en-suite facilities. Double, twin or triple rooms. All rooms feature a balcony with views to wild Central Serengeti National park.

Lahia Tented Lodge

One of the top 10 Best Serengeti Safari Lodges & Camp offering luxury Serengeti safari lodge at the heart of wilderness.  Lahia camp is strategically located at the top of a hill overlooking Central Serengeti with views towards Western Serengeti, within reach of mythical locations such as the famous kopjes Masai, the museum at the Olduvai Gorge, Seronera valley and the Grumeti River.

The building contains lounges, a dining room, and a swimming pool. Guests can observe the Great Migration spectacle from the comfort of their tents. The installations have a swimming pool where guests can relax after a day on safari. The Internet is available in communal areas.

Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

An award-winning gem of top 10 Best African Safari Lodges of the most beautiful settings in Tanzania. Seamlessly blended high into an acacia-lined ridge.  Our African-style lodge and infinity pool offer panoramic views across the Serengeti’s vast, endless grasslands.  Where lions and cheetahs stalk their prey and massive migrating wildebeest herds darken the landscape in a relentless search for fresh grazing grounds.

Seronera Wildlife Lodge

Seronera Wildlife Lodge is artfully constructed around a rocky outcrop from glass and wood elements, perfectly blending into its surrounding.  Next to the lodge, several waterholes attract, day and night, the most amazing animals, providing a unique opportunity for a close encounter with the Big Five. Affordable top 10 Best Serengeti Safari Lodges & Camp located only 5 minutes from the departing point of the hot air balloon safaris. Which offers a thrilling bird’s-eye wildlife perspective of the vast plains of the Serengeti.

From its privileged location, the Seronera’s 75 rooms afford stunning views of over a million wildebeest as they migrate from Kenya to Lake Victoria to escape the drought.

Lobo Wildlife Lodge, located in the North of Serengeti National Park, the most spectacular scenario of wildlife in its pure essence.

Lobo Wildlife Lodge is a dream of romanticism in its remote location, strategically built into an enormous volcanic rocky outcrop.  You can watch and witness the migration even from the pool.

Artistically made of stone and local timber around clusters of large boulders.  The harmoniously merging with its surroundings.

Lobo Wildlife Lodge

Lobo is ideally set on the migratory route of over one million wildebeest in their desperate struggle for survival. It is the first lodge on the way from Kenya to Tanzania, only 28 km from the Maasai Mara. Lobo Wildlife Lodge invites you to an unforgettable safari experience.  From its privileged location, unrivaled by any other both for game viewing and scenery.

Mara Under Canvas

Mara Under Canvas is the closest camp to the river Mara where each year enormous columns of wildebeest cross the river, negotiating the jaws of the hungry crocodiles, in order to get to the pastures on the other side in what could be considered the climax of the Great Migration.

This luxury temporary camp is open from June to November. It allows visitors to be in the proximity of the Great Migration. You can explore remote areas and the beautiful settings of Serengeti with a large amount of resident fauna. The camp has only ten double tents and a family tent which assures the intimacy and exclusivity of this intense experience.

Kubu Kubu tented lodge

Kubu-Kubu tented lodge camp is the top 10 Best Tanzania Safari Lodges & Camp strategically located at central Serengeti National park. The camp ha main area built on a raised deck, which is perfect so as not to lose anything that’s happening roundabout. This is where the dining room and lounge are situated. The lounge has comfortable sofas and armchairs and a selection of board games are available.

Acacia Central Serengeti Tented lodge

Truly, Serengeti Central Camp offers guests the perfect blend of old African charm accommodation.  Elegance in the heart of Serengeti National Park. This intimate safari camp is tucked beneath an Acacia tree and has breathtaking views of the savannah plains of the Serengeti National Park. Here, you can experience full luxury in the wild.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge

Perched on a series of elevated platforms and walkways, our Lodge sits next to an animal watering hole.  Where you can watch a family of elephants stops for their morning drink. As you sip your own out on your room’s private balcony.  Deep within Africa’s renowned Serengeti National Park, Four Seasons Safari Lodge welcomes you to a sanctuary of trademark comfort.

Ole Serai Luxury Camp-Seronera

The Ole Serai Luxury Camp – Seronera is located 14kms from the Seronera HQ / Airstrip. One of  amazing the central Serengeti accommodations to stay in Tanzania. It lies right in the Heart of Central Serengeti. It is located on a spectacular and secluded location perched atop the slopes of Makoma Hills.  Overlooking the magnificent Makoma plains (which is famous for its large numbers of resident Cheetas).  And the Thatch Kopjes (famous for its large Makoma Prides of resident Lions).

The location also boasts all year game and a large population of wildcats. Walking Safaris within the Camp Highlands, Game drives, Sundowners, Aperitifs & Cocktails at Bonfire place. Also  Swahili lessons, Story Telling, Traditional Maasai Fire Lighting, Cultural activities, Special Arrangements for honeymooners & Stargazing.

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