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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro For Charity 2022/2023, Climb Mount Kilimanjaro At 5,895 meters (19,341 feet).  Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. It is one of the Seven Summits. The snow-capped peak of Africa is a dormant volcano and can be found inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of Tanzania.

Who Can Climb Kilimanjaro? Anyone from children over the age of 10 to older generations in their 60s and 70s! All you need is determination and the will to get to the summit. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Climbing up to the Roof of Africa!

The real challenge with climbing Kilimanjaro is the altitude and the rate of ascent. Known as Roof of Africa, at 5895m (19,341ft), Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest mountain.
How to get sponsored to climb Kilimanjaro
There are lots of resources out there to help you raise sponsorship. Platforms such as JustGiving, Blackbaud Heroix and Virgin Money Giving make it easier than ever to manage and keep track of the money you raise, while also freeing you of the need to directly handle donations.

Premier Kilimanjaro trekking Tours company with decades of combined experience on the mountain.  We specialize in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro all years around with team of well knowledgeable organizing excellent private or group hiking.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for charity with d travel expert with multiple Kilimanjaro hiking contributed his knowledge and skills to many notable expeditions for life changing experience events. You comprehensive advice on packing, fitness, expected weather and trail conditions.  Your side every step of the way – all the way to the Summit of Kilimanjaro! Climb Kilimanjaro For Charity  gives you an opportunity as a tourist/traveler to add value to you experience by donating part of your climbing fee to a child living in vulnerable/poor environment.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climb  help fundraise for Moving Mountains to carry out all its work in education, health and social welfare. Climb Kilimanjaro For Charity Supporting supporting children and employing teachers, counsellors and social workers.

You can sign up on the  site to join this special charity challenembark embark on a mountain climb or safari for charity.

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
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The average cost to climb Kilimanjaro is $2000 to $6000, the price varies from cheap, budget operators to large Western travel agents selling outsourced climbs at an inflated price. There are various, unavoidable fixed costs to any tour operator and if a climb seems too cheap, you've got to ask yourself why.
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