What to do in Tanzania On A Budget:

Tanzania is a blessed country with both natural features and amazing landscapes. Choosing the right Tanzania Itinerary for your Safari should be a big trick must keep in mind when you think about a Tanzania budget camping safaris planning, your trip plan to Tanzania, you must consider your budget level, the number of Days and tour types you’re looking for (right Tanzania Itinerary for your Safari).  A Tanzania Safari Tours from 1Day Tanzania Safaris, 2 Days Tanzania  Safaris, 3 Days Tanzania Safaris, 4 Days Tanzania  Safaris, and 5-7 Day Tanzania Safari tour package from Arusha.

There several things to do in Tanzania for your pocket budget-friendly activities/budget-friendly activities in Tanzania or a Tanzania cheap to travel.

Arusha National Park Day Trip

Most of the Day Tour to Arusha National Park starts early in the morning only a 40′ drive from Arusha City. The Park offers stunning wildlife viewing together with a unique walking safari up close with nature during your trip!

Arusha City Tours

Visit local Market/ roadside sellers, Masai Market, and clock tower discover the beauty of Arusha, the top safari hub in northern Circuit. There are the top pocket-friendly activities you can do in Tanzania while you are in Arusha.

The Maasai Market, Central Market, and Tinga Tinga shops in Arusha display the craftsmanship and artwork of the native peoples of Tanzania you may buy souvenirs for yourself or gifts for friends and family back home, the Shanga Shangaa Project is a local community program that helps Tanzanians who struggle with disabilities to learn new skills and gain confidence in their abilities.

Miserani Snake Park

The Meserani Snake Park may be a fascinating part of your nature travels in Africa. Located approximately 15 miles from the city of Arusha, the park offers guided tours and activities to learn about the snakes of Tanzania.

Lake Duluti Canoeing & Walking safari

It takes approximately 20 minutes from Arusha City. Exploring the area around Lake Duluti is quite fun. Enjoy canoeing at Lake Duluti as well as the hike at the Duluti Forest and get to see the different animal and plant species. You could also enjoy bird watching or go fishing with the help of professional guides. Since the area is quite popular with cultural tourism take time to visit the local market within the area

Oldonyo Sambu cultural tour

Hike up the Oldonyo-Was Hill, then rest in a Maasai boma before heading to meet a traditional healer. Visit the watering dams and a traditional meat camp or ‘Orpul’. Proceed to the fields and watch livestock in the lush pastures of the Maasai. Nearby is a zoo with Marabous storks, leopards, and colobus monkeys. Explore the local method of beekeeping, proceed by hiking up Maru Hill to view Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru, Longido, Ketumbeine, and Monduli.

Museum tour in Arusha

Arusha Museum is in the Arusha city area in Tanzania. The exhibitions in this museum show the pre-colonial period, the influence of the foreign interaction, before colonial rule, independence, economic and political changes among others. Also, you will visit the Natural History Museum is located in Arusha Tanzania as well. The main focus of this museum is the evolution of Man Kind. Within this museum, you can also get to know more about natural science research, the discovery of fossils found within the Olduvai Gorge. It also shows Tanzania’s colonial history and its struggle for independence.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano in Tanzania. It has three volcanic cones: Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira. It is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest single free-standing mountain in the world: 5,895 meters above sea level and about 4,900 meters above its plateau base. This is among the best activities you can do in Tanzania On A Budget.

A Kilimanjaro climbing and trekking tour can be done from  1Day to 8Day to see the best itineraries and book in confidence.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara is the seventh-largest lake of Tanzania by surface area, at 470-square-kilometre. It is a shallow, alkaline lake in the Natron-Manyara-Balangida branch of East Africa.

Its vegetation is diverse, ranging from savannah to marsh to evergreen forest and it supports one of the highest biomass densities of large mammals in the world. The chance to see elephant families moving through the forest or Lake Manyara’s famous population of tree-climbing lions.

Kikuletwa Hot Spring

Located in Moshi in the Boma area! 71 km drive from Arusha  It’s also known as Chemka.

Kikuletwa Hot Springs is located in the middle of a semi-arid landscape, surrounded by sprawling fig trees. Amid the trees, it features crystal clear water bubbling from underground springs. This is a perfect destination, to take a swim and relax after a Kilimanjaro climb or safari, or just to get away for a day. The drive from Moshi/Arusha takes about 1 hour 30 min each way.

Kinukamori or Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Trip

Materuni waterfall Standing 150m high and nestled in the lush green forests on the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, a Materuni waterfalls tour is an ideal getaway for those strapped for time. The waterfalls are located 30 minutes from Moshi town, and 2/3o’ from Arusha.

Monduli Juu Masai Tours

Monduli Juu comprises four small villages along the Monduli Mountains, northwest of Arusha in Maasai country. You can visit traditional doctors, see a school, or eat a meaty meal in a bush. Many people come to trek along the escarpment for views over the Rift Valley plains.

Most activities begin in Emairete village, Enguiki, Eluwai, and Mfereji. Where there are several simple spots to camp and some Maasai bomas that take overnight guests.

Emairete comprises of a wonderful crater were in former times. the cattle of only medicine men were supposed to graze. Enguiki village is named after its famous pastures.

Eluwai is a village called after the trees were certain small ants. Have their habitat and that is whistling in the wind. Mfereji is a village down the escarpment that, a long time ago, develop from a place where a South African lived who pulled a ditch down to bring water from the Monduli Mountains.”

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