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What to Expect in a Budget Safari in Tanzania: Well, we all know that traveling can cost a lot of money, especially if you’d like to spend as many days as you can all around the globe. Going on a safari can be an expensive adventure, but we have few tips on how to travel on a budget to safari in Tanzania.

Everything you need to plan the perfect adventure for Tanzania Safari. Best time to travel to Tanzania. Contact Us for Affordable Prices 24hrs Service. We offer all Tanzania Wildlife Safari for a family safari, Tanzania honeymoon safari, Tanzania small group safari, from luxury to budget safari accommodation, Kilimanjaro Trekking, Zanzibar Holidays, cultural tours, Tanzania day Tours. We organized safari from Arusha safari to access other safari destinations in Tanzania. We are a true expert on tailor-made Africa & Tanzania Safari ranging from 1 Day Tanzania Safari Tours from Arusha or Dar es Salaam, 2 Days Safari, 3 Days Safari: 4-7day Tanzania safari to Tarangire National park, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara National park& Kilimanjaro trekking. 3 day Tanzania flying safari or Tanzania sky safari.

Choosing budget camping basic tents safaris instead of tented lodges can save up 140$ per day and choosing tents instead of luxury lodges can save up to 70$ a day. Intents, you’ll be sleeping in a sleeping bag provided by the agency, and in tented or luxury lodges you’ll be having a bed inside of the tent. If you decide to sleep in a tent instead of in a luxury lodge, you could get almost one day more on a safari. It seems like a good deal!


In Tanzania, there are 17 different national parks that you can visit and sometimes it is difficult to choose where to go. The easiest way to shorten the list is to know what animals you’d like to see (from lions to rhinos, hippos, gnus, giraffes), what sceneries attract you the most (savannah, lakes, forest, baobab or acacia trees) or what additional experiences you’d like to have (like balloon ride available in Serengeti, visiting the Masai village most common in Ngorongoro, walking tour available only in Tarangire, Arusha or Kilimanjaro National Park).

Most probably you’ll come up with one or two parks that fulfill most of your needs.


Going on a budget safari Tanzania, with a friend or partner can be comfortable, flexible, and independent, common decisions. The benefits of going into an individual tailor-made small group are sharing your journey with adventurers from all over the world. You could just get new perspectives from other nations and cultures.


March, April, and May are rainy months when the plane tickets are cheaper, and you could better go budget Safari Tanzania for a better price with safari agency if you’re a big group of tourists traveling together. With climate change, it’s nearly impossible to know when it’s going to be rainy and when sunny. So, if you’re lucky, you could have amazing weather and also see a lot of baby animals during these months.


Tanzania budget safari in Arusha, We offer a variety of services, day trips, and adventures. It is important to get an overall impression of the prices, but you can negotiate the price. Check reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook or SafariBookings to see the impressions from other guests. Check Facebook & Instagram pages to see how a company communicates with its guests and lookup for companies that give back to society through their activities.

Be a responsible traveler who takes care of the environment, national parks and animals. I hope that this guide helped you and we’re happy to have you here!


Note: Extend your Tour to Visit Local people

Hadzabe and Datoga experience |  budget Safari in Tanzania


What to do in Tanzania on a budget Safari: Take a Budget Safari Tanzania to Lake Eyasi located in the rift valley south of Ngorongoro highlands. This alkaline lake is home to Hadzabe and Datoga people. Hadzabe often associated with the Khoisan languages in Southern Africa because of their click language. This community is believed to live there for more than 10,000years continue to follow hunting-and-gathering traditions. Also in the area are the Datoga, Iraqw (Mbulu) the Cushitic origin people who arrived about 2000 years ago, as well as Maasai and various Bantu spiking tribes.

You will experience the authentic African culture by visiting their homesteads, blacksmiths and handcraft workers, learning about their way of life, medicinal plants, and even animal tracking with bows and arrows with the Hadzabe hunters. Also, visit Datoga Boma to have a glimpse of Datoga culture.

The Hadzabe, a hunter-gatherer tribe, live close to the shores of Lake Eyasi, as do the Nilotic-speaking Datoga tribe who are pastoralists.

Our Recommend safari itinerary 10 Days Northern Tanzania Safari with affordable African safari tour &Holidays you will be visit-Tarangire National park, Lake Manyara, Lake Eyasi, Ngorongoro crater, Serengeti National park & Lake Natron.


Maasai culture experience |  budget Safari in Tanzania

Maasai culture one of the well-known and unattached cultures; this community still continues to keep their old age customs traditional lifestyle. Visiting Maasai Boma will give you a chance to explore the huts where the Maasai families live, learn about their way of living, participate in some cultural activities like traditional dance and performance.

The huts normally built by wood, mud and cow dung and their build by women’s. The Maasai warriors would engage in a spear-throwing match or perform a tribal dance, and ladies may choose to participate in beadwork. This is intended to expose visitors to the Maasai culture though briefly and enrich them with some authentic African experiences.

Tanzania Safari Experience

Tanzania classifies its wild areas in different ways, each with different rules – meaning that the practices, and standards, of walking safaris, differ widely. We have some first-rate walking safaris in Tanzania, with great guides – chosen, as usual, by seeing them first hand.


Some of the real stars are the walking safaris done on fly-camping trips. Walks in the National Parks have to abide by the strict rules laid out by TANAPA (Tanzanian National Park Authorities); these rules have been put in place to make walking as safe as possible.

No more than six guests are able to go on a walk at any one time; and they must be accompanied by at least one TANAPA qualified armed ranger, who must stick to specific walking routes. These regulations are however relatively new to Tanzania’s national parks, and so we would only recommend walking from camps that we know have a consistent record for reliably good walking safaris and well-established guides.

Tanzania Travel on Foot

Tanzania’s Game Reserves are run by a slightly more relaxed organization called the Game Division whose regulations are less clear – this has created a disparity in walking safari standards.

Walking Safaris are hugely dependent on how experienced and knowledgeable the guide is – they can, therefore, be a bit hit-and-miss. All of our recommended Camps use their own highly qualified guides who stick to rules, which have been set by their specific camp – these walking safaris are very good. So do include some walking in your Tanzania safari, but do talk to us first as experiences can vary hugely between camps.

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The Average Costs of Tanzania Safari & Price differs according to a number of days and accommodation selection!

Tanzania budget camping Safaris prices start from $195-330per person per day, basic budget accommodation depending on the number of people going on safari.  While mid-range budget lodge safari with lodge style accommodation costs about $450 to $490 per person per day, See the analysis of Safari price and costs bellow

Tanzania has a beautiful landscape with standing wildlife and scenery, so come and enjoy what Tanzania safaris have to offer!