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Top 5 Thing To Do In Serengeti The Top Safari Destination in Tanzania: The Serengeti National Park, in northern Tanzania, is known for its massive annual migration of wildebeest and zebra. Seeking new pasture, the herds move north from their breeding grounds in the grassy southern plains. Many cross the marshy western corridor’s crocodile-infested Grumeti River. Others veer northeast to the Lobo Hills, home to black eagles. Black rhinos inhabit the granite outcrops of the Moru Kopje

The Serengeti National Park in Tanzania has established in 1952 offers the best Amazing wildlife Safari in Tanzania. It is home to the greatest wildlife spectacle on earth – the great migration of wildebeest and zebra. The resident population of lion, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, and birds is also impressive. There’s a wide variety of accommodation available, from luxury lodges to mobile camps.

The park covers 5,700 sq miles, (14,763 sq km), it’s larger than Connecticut, with at most a couple of hundred vehicles driving around. Bordered to the north by the Kenyan border, where it is continuous with the Masai Mara Game Reserve. To the southeast of the park is the Ngorongoro conservation area to the southwest border Maswa Game Reserve, to the west are the Ikongoro and Grumeti game reserve, and to the northeast and east lies the Loliondo Game Control Area.

The best outline of Top 5 things to do in Serengeti a Best Safari Destination in Tanzania
Game drive

This is the best Top 5 Thing To Do In Serengeti The Top Safari Destination in Tanzania. Tours of  Serengeti National Park start from Arusha tourist city of the country,  and more are all easily managed under a single booking with this tour of Tanzania. A guide provides tons of insight as you travel among popular natural destinations and handles logistics with ease. Inclusions such as food, lodging, and entrance fees make this tour a high-value choice for nature lovers.

Central Serengeti plains: the almost treeless grassland of the south is the most emblematic scenery of the park. This is where the wildebeest breed, as they remain in the plains from December to May. Other hoofed animals – zebra, gazelle, impala, hartebeest, top, buffalo, Waterbuck – also occur in huge numbers during the wet season. “Kopjes” are granite formations that are very common in the region, and they are great observation posts for predators, as well as a refuge for hyrax and pythons.

Western corridor: the black clay soil covers the savannah of this region. The Grumeti River and its gallery forests are home to Nile crocodiles, patas, monkey’s hippopotamus and martial eagles. The migration passes through from May to July.

The Northern Serengeti: (Kogatende, Lobo, Loliondo) the landscape is dominated by open woodlands and hills, ranging from central Serengeti (Seronera) to the Mara River on the Kenyan border. Apart from the migratory wildebeest and zebra (which occur from July to August, and in November), this is the best place to find elephant, giraffe, and dik-dik.

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Balloon Safari
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Your itinerary during any month of travel, the Central Serengeti launching site (available year-round) is a
great option any month with abundant resident animal sightings and spectacular landscape. The South
Serengeti launching site offers the opportunity for an aerial view of the Great Migration on the open
plains from mid-December to early April and similarly at the West Serengeti launching site from roughly
mid-May to early July.
The Great Wildebeest Migration: 

Great Migration, which happens somewhat on the immense fields of the Serengeti. Reliably, over 1.5 million wildebeest, a reasonable number of gazelles, and negligible after of zebra scan for better brushing locales. Among the Top 5 things to do in Serengeti a Best Safari Destination in Africa. At the south of the Serengeti lies a trademark life trove, hid in the volcanically-rich and profitable soil of the Ngorongoro Crater.

We offer and organized  Wildebeest Migration ranging from camping, mixed camping & lodging, Mid-range tented, luxury, as a result, we make your adventures memorable in your lifetime. Every year almost two million wildebeest, zebra, topi, and antelope migrate from the vast Serengeti Plains in Tanzania, to the lush rolling grasslands of the Serengeti, capture stunning images in the midst of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and zebra as they make their annual trek across the vast Serengeti Plains.

This East African country is a gem among Serengeti Safari in Tanzania’s destination. So, don’t miss the chance to explore this beautiful land of diverse flora and fauna.

See the Big 5 
Tanzania is an East African nation known for its huge wild zones. They intertwine the fields of Serengeti National Park, a safari mecca populated by the “Big Five” – elephant, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo, rhino.  Explore safari in Serengeti National park and See the big five African safari
Bird watching

Tanzania Is An Amazing Birding Destination In The World. Tanzania boasts a bird list of 1,038 species, the 3rd biggest in Africa. Eight of the 10 families endemic to mainland Africa are present. Raptors, plovers, parrots, turacos, bee-eaters, barbets, flamingos, starlings, weavers, pipits and sunbirds are well represented. Led by excellent guides specialized in Birdlife, this safari will visit some of the most interesting areas in Northern Tanzania focusing on different habitats and ecosystems. This Serengeti safari for keen naturalists, for people interested in something else than viewing wildlife. We will walk in the Acacia woodlands and plains of Sinya, the Mountain Forests of Arusha National Park and Ngorongoro, the Baobab country in Tarangire, the Rift Valley escarpment and groundwater forest at Lake Manyara and the Serengeti Plains in search of the most interesting bird species. In contrast to popular safaris which are oriented towards large mammal viewing, our bird watching safaris present a truer picture of the rich biodiversity of Tanzania & East Africa with attention given both to birding and to regular wildlife observation.

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